Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Bush Ranger's Christmas Bulletin

If you're wondering why there has been a lack of blogs this season I made the decision not to blog until we get an away win. Sadly this has not happened yet so I will change it to getting a point. (so it could be Easter then!)

To tell you the truth, home form aside, it has not been enjoyable supporting the R's this year and the away results have left me feeling sick and emotionally wrecked. Why cant we get it right? Why is Harry such a dinosaur? He aint got a clue. The results at home, in my opinion, are down to Hoddle because Harry doesn't know what our best team is and has more excuses than solutions. Harry doesn't instill belief in the players and they don't believe they can win away. I won't say anymore because if you can't say anything good its better not to say anything at all.

QPR's coverage in the media is negative re away from, training grounds and new stadiums, but wait until our accounts are made public, there will be a media frenzy heaping more embarrassment to our club.

So until we get an away point, its bye for now. Let;s hope things get better.

Come on U R's.

Bush Ranger

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