Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hit the ground...splat

Like many fellow R's fans, I couldn't wait for our opening fixture of the Premier League, even more so when we found out it was to be against, what many of of us perceived to be, the easy pickings of Swansea City. How wrong I (and probably many more R's fans) proved to be.

After our fervent activity in the transfer window and the acquisition of players we dared not dream of possessing not too long ago, I once again felt the feeling of hope and confidence growing within me. Could this be the year QPR move up to a new level of achievement? Could this be the year we finally achieve the heights of ecstasy I've certainly been wishing for, for the last 40 years.

Like the majority of the previous 40 years I again allowed myself to subscribe to this feeling of delirious optimism only to be wounded at the the first hurdle by a QPR team, that when faced with its first test of reality, fail in the most spectacular manner, a 5 nil loss at home. Oh how painful it was. Oh how painful it is. A familiar pain, one that we've grown accustomed to, but painful all the same.

A day, maybe two, of licking my wounds mulling over the game, then dust myself down and begin to hope again. On early reflection it would be hard to replicate the number of individual errors that contributed to the savage beating we suffered, along with the naive way in which we reacted to going behind with so much time remaining. These things will be ironed out and eradicated by Sparky's alarmingly large entourage I'm sure. But, my main concern was the capitulation and total lack of pride, passion and effort from 3 nil onwards. Someone needed to stand up and take the lead.. no one did. This must never happen again.

Losing to Swansea at home was bad enough, but it wasn't a beating, it was humiliating. Something a little bit more painful than the normal pain we suffer as R's fans, a pain Mr Hughes and Co, that we are not willing to tolerate. Sort it out and sort it out before Norwich. This ain't an easy league. We hit the ground yesterday with a splat. As its only the second game, we have the unusual opportunity to hit the ground running again next week. The R's fans will be there supporting with Premier league class, with our renewed hope and optimism. So please, QPR, please get the result that can fuel our feelings of hope and expectation with something real.

Enough said about the result. On the plus side, compared  to last seasons opening fixture, at least we ended the game with all 11 players.

There you go, feeling better already. Come on you R's.

Blog to you all soon.

The Bush Ranger

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